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Interested in foal? 

If you want more information about the foal, please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone. 



LIVE: If you want to attend the live auction, you can reserve your VIP table on the website or by contacting us ( 0032 495 82 94 56: Stephan Kelchtermans)


ONLINE: Register yourself a few days before the auction and wait until the auction starts Saturday evening, 8 pm CEST. The bidding process will be on our own website. If you have any problems during the auction, please call 0032 495 82 94 56 (Stephan Kelchtermans) or 0032472864652 (Lieze Maesen). 


You have the winnig bid, congrats! What now? 



Don’t worry, your foal is insured. It is the breeder that is responsible to deliver the foal in good condition. The foal needs to be min. 4.5 months before weaning and delivery. 

If you lives outside of Belgium it’s your responsibility to transport the foal. If you need any help with organizing the logistics, we are happy to help you. 



You’re not sure to raise the foal yourself? No problem!  We have our own rearing service. We provide all accommodation like: stables, feeding, worming and vaccinating. The foals are staying with us self and we make sure vaccinations, blacksmith visits, … happen in the most sere conditions. Classified by age & gender and put together in small groups the foals can enjoy being outside every day. 




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